Breadboard Bakery

Covid-19 Distanced Menu Week of 02/22-02/28

Pick-up hours & Pre-Order Deadlines:

10am-3pm Wednesday (02/24).   Pre-Orders Closed.

10am-2pm Friday (02/26).   Pre-Orders Closed.

10am-2pm Sunday (02/28).   Pre-Orders Closed.

We also have some bread and pastry available
through day-of online ordering. Limited selection & quantities. 11am-3pm Wednesday, 11am-2pm Friday/Sunday for pickups, menu available about 10:30am.


**Ordering Info**

Direct online ordering system link: Breadboard Bakery Online Orders.

This runs through Toast, which we already use as our in-store register, point-of-sale system. You can now schedule your order & pay directly with a credit card (Visa/Mastercard). It's pretty easy!

The menu there is divided into 2 sections available from a little drop-down selection, "Baked Goods" for all our fresh-baked items, & "Retail Shelf" for packaged stuff like coffee, flour, golden crunch etc.

So we can manage quantities correctly, orders for each pickup day will be open one at a time, with the next day opening shortly after the last closes. (i.e. orders for Friday will be open from Monday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon, and orders for Sunday will open a little later on Wednesday afternoon).

However, this system can't handle our current gift certificates or Kickstarter redemptions. So for these things for now or if you prefer it for other reasons, please continue to order through email (details below). The weekly menu will continue to be posted & regularly updated here.

Scheduling full-size cake orders with more notice than the online system currently allows is also highly recommended.

Pre-Order Focused.   Limited selection of bread & pastry available day-of, online ordering only.

Please read additional ordering & pickup FAQ for more clarity.