Breadboard Bakery

FAQ - Ordering & Pick-up Process


How to Order: Go to our Breadboard Bakery Online Ordering page to order & pay online with a credit card. You can also use the Toast TakeOut phone app, just search for "Breadboard Bakery" within the app.

Pick-up Times: All orders are available for pickup anytime between 10am-2pm on the date scheduled for. The online ordering system requires a chosen time but currently that's unimportant (though a reasonable guess is helpful, in case we're a bit slow in the morning etc.). If you're running late please let us know, we're reasonably flexible but won't hang around forever. Any orders not picked up will be donated unless other arrangements are made (we donate bread to Foodlink regularly throughout the week).

Gift Certificate/Kickstarter Coupon orders:

Send an email to before the deadline for the order date. Please send a new email for each order, rather than replying to or continuing a previous email exchange; this will ensure that the new order is received & noticed.

The subject heading of your order email should be "[Day & Date] Pickup", i.e. "Friday 4/24 Pickup" for example.

In the email include your name, phone number, payment option: Venmo, PayPal, or phone-in credit card, and your order.

If you have any special bagging requests please mention that as well (i.e. if part of the order is meant to be shared with someone else & you'd like things bagged seperately, etc.).

When I've received your order I'll email back a confirmation with your order total, and additional details on payment as well as pickup instructions. This confirmation will nearly always be sent out within 24hrs (generally less), so if it's been longer please contact me as it's likely the order never arrived successfully.

Please review this confirmation email as it's always possible that we may be out of stuff & need an additional response; the online menu is updated frequently but order taking is a multi-tasking process while other work is happening.


If you're ordering using the online order system it's credit card at the time of order. For email orders involving gift certificates, cakes, etc. our current options are through the Venmo app, PayPal, or with a credit/debit card over the phone (Mastercard/Visa only). If you prefer cash, just get in touch, we can generally manage that as well though it's less preferred at the time being.

The Pick-up Process

The current arrangement does not allow any customers to enter the store. All orders are curbside pickup only.

We have a white table set up outside near our entrance where all orders will be placed. Only one order will be out on the table at a time, and may consist of multiple bags depending on the items ordered. The table will be just to the left of our door, safe from wind & rain (it was previously out by the curb on nicer days, but with the increased traffic on the block this was changed).

When you arrive call us at 781-777-2863. (We only have one phone line, so please be patient & try back shortly if busy - it's a quick process). We'll ask for your check number, and name. All orders are pre-bagged and organized. (Certain items, like pizza dough, will be refrigerated & bagged separately at pickup). When we have your order in hand, we'll place it out on the table. Please remain 6+ feet away from both the table and our door until our employee is fully back within the building. (We will generally have a chalk or tape outline on the sidewalk, and signs in the windows for distance guidelines. Please follow them).

The state also has an official "Wear a face covering in public" order. This applies to anyone age two or older when in any public indoor or outdoor space, including sidewalks, where it's difficult to ensure full distancing. This includes joggers and cyclists. So please bear this in mind when coming to pickup your order, and help to keep everyone healthy and happy.

Relatedly, please avoid lingering near the pickup area. This is an active sidewalk, with other neighboring businesses & an increasing amount of traffic.

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